Friday, February 23, 2007

ResourceBundle Tag should match the name of properties file

Unable to resolve a class for ResourceBundle: xxx.

is a very frequent error thrown by the MXML compiler when we are including different SWCs as libraries or trying to create a new resource by creating a new file and trying to use it in a AS class file by using the [ResourceBundle] tag. The key is to remember that the name given in the tag should match the properties file name. So for file one should use [ResourceBundle("yyy")] . Even if you are using a zzz_rb.swc file containing the resources and you want to use the yyy resource present in the swc we should use the [ResourceBundle("yyy")] tag in AS file.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

About Flex

I joined Macromedia (now Adobe) in 2005 July after spending more than 7 years in Tata Elxsi. I opted to switch from Maya, 3D Graphics, C++ programming to Flex, ActionScript and Player. After learning about blogging from Manish and reading blogs from Ely, Kevin Lynch, Raghu and various other people I also wanted blog separately on Flex but never thought my knowledge enough to enough to write one. After a year or so I am feeling that I could put together a blog with lot of "pearls" I keep picking up from the DL-Flex Questions mailing list so that including myself anyone can make use of these.