Monday, August 27, 2007

AdvancedDataGrid Multi level Column Grouping

AdvancedDataGrid supports column grouping. An example showing multiple level grouping is shown below. Here is the mxml file.


Ang said...

Thank you!


I am very confused about the flow on validation/invalidation method. Really I have given much more time to understand it but I have not understood it completely. As soon as I believe that I understood it, a new problem breaks my believe. 

Currently I am making a custom DataGrid component. In this, i am adding an extra button below the hScroll bar. So have to move that button on each resize of browser because Hscroll may be disappeared while resizing.
So my question is-
1.) Can you explain me the flow of validation/invalidation method?
2.) What is the difference between flow of updateDisplayList and adjustListContent, when we maximize browser directly and when we resize it manually.

Please help me; I am in a big tension

Paul Smith said...

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