Monday, January 19, 2009

How to build datavisualization.swc from the source ?

Here are steps to build datavisualization.swc from the source that gets unzipped into a fbpro directory in FlexBuilder when a valid license is provided.


1. Download ant1.7.0.

2. Download a version of jdk 1.6.

3. Download cygwin, an open source unix shell for Windows.

4. Set environment variables. Go to Control Panels > System > Advanced > Environment Variables

• Set JAVA_HOME to the path to the jdk directory. Add path of ant1.7 to PATH. For example, C:\ant1.7.0\bin (you will already have a PATH, multiple entries are separated by semicolons)

• Add path of cygwin to PATH. For example, C:\cygwin\bin


1. Add files and build.xml(attached) to location of datavisualization directory. For example, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.2.0\fbpro\projects.

2. Add the flex builder license to build.xml file (location: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.2.0\fbpro\projects\build.xml) . Replace by license key.

3. Unzip inside_ The build.xml and files should be copied inside datavisualization folder.For example, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.2.0\fbpro\projects\datavisualization.

4. Make changes regarding location of sdk and output swcs to files and datavisualization\

5. At the cygwin prompt, go to the datavisualization. For example C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.2.0\fbpro\projects\ datavisualization.

6. Run ant main to build datavisualisation.swc and datavisualization_rb.swc for en_US .

7. Run ant main_with_ja_JP to build datavisualisation.swc and datavisualization_rb.swc for en_US and ja_JP.

Note: Place the datavisualization.swc at sdk\frameworks\libs and datavisualization_rb.swc at sdk\frameworks\locale.


Tom said...

Is there any way to get beta DMV build like Flex SDK?

Sreenivas said...

It is not available as of now.

Wayne Babich said...

Is it now required that I build the datavisualization swc files myself?

I just downloaded the flex 3.2.0 (I previously had 3.1.0), and found that it doesn't contain the libs/datavisualization.swc and locale/*/datavisualization_rb.swc files that were contained in 3.1.0.
Is this intentional?
Is it now required that I build the datavisualization swc files from source?

Have the sources changed between 3.1.0 and 3.2.0?

I tried to follow the instructions contained in the posting, but could not find the build.xml file that was supposed to be attached.

I feel like I must be attacking this problem the hard way. Is there an easy way to simply download flex 3.2 including datavisualization in one or two simple steps?
BTW: I have a paid license key, so that's not an issue.

Tom said...

Wayne, you should download Flex Builder 3.0.2, it will install Flex 3.2 alone with DMV. Delete your existing Flex 3.2 SDK just in case.

Frank said...