Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ruby on Rails extension for FlashBuilder4

The DCD (Data Centric Development) feature of Flash Builder 4 is an extensible feature. What I mean by that is that developers can add a new plugin to FB which implements certain extension points available in FB and add support for any back end of their choice. Once added all the DCD features would work with the back end similar to other supported back ends like PHP, CF etc.

Gaurav has worked on a plugin to add support for Ruby.

Give it a try !


Ivan said...


I just want to say Thank You for this blog: Your posts are very helps me in my work.

And one little question - sorry for off-top:
how You are inserting swf-examples into Your posts? I have not seen it in other blogs and I've thought it is not possible at blogspot. And I am planning to start my personal little blog about Flex development here, so I am very interesting in this question..

Sreenivas said...

Thanks. I have saved the swfs on google pages and linked it here.

Ivan said...

Thank You for very useful information.
Good luck.

ADmin said...

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